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Pret Sizing Information

All pret collection(s) vary. Sizes available are Small (8 UK Size), Medium (10/12 UK Size) and Large (14/16) UK Size.
For Bridal Wear these are the required details from the customer’s side.


Depth of dart: Depth of waist:
Chest: Waist:
Hip: Small Hip:
Shoulder: Arm length half:
Arm length 3/4: Arm length full:
Arm hole: Bicep:
Depth neckline front: Depth neckline back:
Width of necklink: Waist to knee:
Trouser length: Thigh:
Calve: Trouser width::
Shirt length (long): Shirt length (short):
Sari Blouse length: Sari Blouse waist:
Length/ Skirt length: Full length:


All collection(s) items vary in size. Sizes are available in Small (8 UK), Medium (10/12 UK) and Large (14/16 UK).

For all bespoke and custom orders please contact us.